Astam manufactures dispersible tablets, sustained release tablets, bi-layered tablets, mouth dissolving tablets and enteric coated tablets.

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Astam manufactures hard gelatin capsules. The capsules are packed in Alu-Alu blister pack, Alu-Alu strip pack, and Alu-PVC blister pack.

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Dry Syrup

Astam manufactures dry syrup in 30 ml and 60 ml pack size in Beta Lactum section.

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Welcome to Astam

ASTAM has been a story of revelation, with the quest to concur the new heights.  We are WHO-GMP Certified, ISO 9001-2015 Certification & PICs GMP is in process “   Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals product since   2002   (is located 300 km north of Delhi at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, since 2002 India.) ASTAM enjoys esteemed reputation in its circles testimony of which is its elite client base in India. We also plan to foray into international markets for global existence as a Pharmaceutical Company. ASTAM combines a professional bandwagon along with state of the art work facility at Baddi , Himachal to keep clients happy. The Success graph at ASTAM has hit a new high especially in the last ten years as our roots in Tablet, Capsule (General) and Tablet, Capsule, Dry Syrups in Beta Lactam have been strengthened. Severing the big  brands.

We firmly believe that quality is the only key to  success hence the concern for quality has always been the company’s core preoccupation, with world class manufacturing technology, latest competent machinery in  best manufacturing setup .We offer premium packaging to sever the customize requirement of our client. Our products are manufactured & handled by team of highly qualified personal for delivering the world class standard quality products.
At ASTAM HEALTHCARE , we value the rising need for quality health care services and dedicate our lives towards this unifying purpose.

We manufacture and export pharmaceutical drugs & products for we offer various formulations such as Oncology Formulations, Life Saving Antibiotics ,Anti –Tuberculosis , cardiology, anti diabetic , lyophilized injections, capsules, tablets and syrup  concoctions have the capacity to heal potent ailments and bring back good health to people, sincere thanks to our team of researchers at our F & D.

The Success graph at ASTAM has hit a new high especially in the last ten years as our roots in Tablet, Capsule and Beta lactam have been strengthened From raw material procurement to attention to detail & final packaging, ASTAM’s stringent quality control mechanism ensures the efficacy in the manufacturing process.


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